Nineplus Wetsuits ensure you spend your energy pulling yourself through the water and not pulling the water around with you.

Brandyn Zuganelis, good form. YFZ43mm

Zeke Rose, wearing the YFZ32mm in full surround

Eva Levy does like surfing. LCS 3/2mm

Nineplus Wetsuit Specification

Kris Hall's RFS32, inside and out.

Hallie Rohr, always smooth and focused | LCS 3/2mm

Summer Richley, giving lessons in body english. LBM

The Classics

          The Ladies Catsuit

Hallie Rohr, feline footwork. LCS32


The iconic Nineplus Ladies catsuit in 3/2mm. We started making this model of wetsuit in 2002 and were probably the first brand to put the zip in the front of the wetsuit which had not been done since the men's suits of the 1970's. We did this when other companies thought we were crazy and it would never work. The reason we did was we wanted to differentiate the ladies and men's wetsuits and felt that the aesthetic created and extenuated the ladies figure. In 2015 we changed the torso and not only increased the zipper length but also made the bodice using 8 separate pieces of neoprene copying a ladies 1920's corset. This created not only a very great fit but also a very flattering effect and accentuated towards more feminine style. There is a small panel behind the zipper of 2mm neoprene so its still comfortable to lay on. Also features small ankle zippers to help with getting the wetsuit on and off after a surf and an increased neck pull to create a tight closure if required.

          The Retro Fullsuit

Kyle Jouras, critical and casual. RFS 2/1mm


The new and updated 2023 version of the 3/2mm fullsuit. As warm as most other 4/3mm on the market. Light, flexibility and warm, our wetsuits made exclusively from Yamamoto Smooth-skin makes for the warmest and lightest material for surfing - period. Smooth-Skin neither absorbs water nor allows the wind to pass through it. That means you are lighter and you don't use energy pulling water around thats trapped in your wetsuit nylon. You cut through the water like a seal and any sunshine warms the surface of the neoprene as it stays dry - all the time. Genius? Not really - its the original way of making wetsuits. Simple, Warm & Smooth until 'the brands' tried to cover themselves and making wetsuits as durable as possible.

Produced in Yamamoto Number 39 this is a suit which is extremely modern in terms of fit, comfort and weight while retaining the retro styling of a classic smooth-skin (single lined) wetsuit. The wetsuit has been upgraded to include various additional benefits although the secret of the Nineplus wetsuit is in the weight of the materials weighing in at just 1kg. The suits have a minimal water retention as the outside cannot soak in any water and the lining being a nylon will dry out in under 15 minutes when left to dry.

        The Yamamoto Front Zip

Ben Barnick, testing. YFZ32mm


This is a smooth skin wetsuit which is extremely hi-tech whilst also maintaining the iconic Nineplus styling. This wetsuit was designed for high performance with features including Aerodome Yamamoto chest panels for a lighter suit with increased buoyancy. The suit features S.C.S. (Super Composite Skin) around the back and shoulders. The hydrophobic cells on the rubber surface repels water giving super low resistance meaning you glide through the water. The weight of the wetsuit comes in at just 2lbs (1kg). The suits have minimal water retention as the outside single lined smooth skin acts as a membrane and is impenetrable by water. The suits lining being nylon will dry out in under 15 minutes when left to dry inside out. The chest and back is lined in Zirconium thermal polypropylene which being water resistant keeps the core chest area warm. The leg panelling uses a complete piece of nylon to eliminate any seat seams and also doubles in flexibility.