Select proper suit size! (will void warranty is size incorrect) These are not ‘compression’ type wetsuits and should be sized for a relaxed fit, but not too loose.

To get the best from your wetsuit, always rinse with clean water after surfing. Hang suit double, by the waist for drying and storage inside out. Do not dry in direct sunlight, leave to dry in the shade.

Avoid sharp or abrasive surfaces such as rocks, barnacles, branches, dirty/sandy wax or even cactus! Wax should be kept clean and changed often to avoid chest panel wear through!

Do not force the arm or leg strongly into its opening (back of the knee blowouts), or wrench up forcefully the arm into the shoulder opening when pulling up torso (chest blowouts).

Limestone neoprene with smooth skin requires special care and usage

Do not use fingernails or overly forceful fingertips. It is better to ‘slide’ suit on rather than to ‘tug’.

Do avoid heavy contact on elbows (like heavy resting on surfboard etc)!

Download a copy of our wetsuit care booklet here: