Wetsuit Warranty

Nineplus Wetsuit Warranty


If treated with care a Yamamoto smoothskin will last longer than a conventional wetsuit, but getting the most out of your Nineplus wetsuit also requires a little care on your part.

To ensure your wetsuit LASTS FOR MANY YEARS, we recommend regular rinsing with clean water to remove salts and sand. Your Nineplus wetsuit will DRY MUCH FASTER than normal wetsuits because it contains much less water. Don’t allow it to dry in scorching hot sunshine as in rare cases we have seen the smoothskin rubber heat up so much that it can cook!

Smoothskin advocates have always been aware that sharp finger nails, barnacles, and so on, can be capable of 'nicking' the skin of the neoprene. However, our shared belief in the benefits of smoothskin has meant that, with years of perseverance with different grades of smoothskin, we have greatly reduced this tendency. Now, if treated carefully a Yamamoto smooth skin suit will last longer than a conventional wetsuit because of its quality and cell structure; but this will still of course be dependant inevitably on your own care and control. If there are any problems, we will always do our best to help you; although our warranty does not include nicks in the smooth skin as this will ultimately be down to your own care.  

For any other issues our PEACE OF MIND POLICY is as follows:

Within the first 3 months we will repair or replace your wetsuit free of charge*

Between 3 and 6 months we will repair your wetsuit free of charge.*

Between 6 and 12 months we will repair your wetsuit free of charge although you will be responsible for delivering it to us.*

*This is on the understanding we can repair your wetsuit and will be confirmed upon receipt of details regarding your wetsuit damage.

Please note: undersized wetsuits are not eligible for warranty coverage.


If the wetsuit has been PURCHASED FROM A SHOP the following information will apply.

A valid receipt must be copied or taken back with any wetsuit purchase.

  • The receipt must fit within the date range noted above.
  • The wetsuit must have been purchased from the store to which it is returned.
  • A copy of the receipt must be provided when returned to us.
  • A replacement wetsuit will be offered or a repair service, if for any reason it is out of stock we will have the right to replace it within 90 days, if this is not possible or suitable (at our discretion) we will credit you and you can credit the customer.