Yamamoto Front Zip Full Suit

The world's most technical smoothskin wetsuit.

The Nineplus Yamamoto Front Zip is our most technologically advanced wetsuit with over 4 years of research & development and countless hours of testing. Produced in Yamamoto #39 and S.C.S this is a smooth skin wetsuit which is extremely hi-tech whilst also maintaining the iconic Nineplus styling. This wetsuit was designed for high performance with features including Aerodome Yamamoto chest panels for a lighter suit with increased buoyancy.

The suit features S.C.S. (Super Composite Skin) around the back and shoulders. The micelle structure on the rubber surface repels water giving super low resistance meaning you glide through the water.


The Yamamoto
Front Zip

NWS-YFZ | 4/3mm

The weight of the wetsuit comes in at just 2lbs (1kg). The suits have minimal water retention as the outside single lined smooth skin acts as a membrane and is impenetrable by water. The suits lining being nylon will dry out in under 15 minutes when left to dry inside out. The chest and back is lined in Zirconium thermal polypropylene which being water resistant keeps the core chest area warm. The leg paneling uses a complete piece of nylon to eliminate any seat seams and also doubles in flexibility.


Wetsuit Specs:

• Material: Yamamoto S.C.S/Aerodome Neoprene
• Thickness: 4/3mm
• Temperature: 45-60f
• Weight: 2lb
• Drying time: 30 minutes (Do not dry in direct sunlight)
• Blind stitched seams with glue seals
• Advanced Yamamoto #39 Japanese neoprene
• Japanese Kanako knee panels, comfortable and durable.
• Rubber taped seams on ankles, wrists and behind the knees.
• The smooth skin protects from wind chill.
• Lined the most flexible, stretchable lining available.
• Zirconium thermal lined core
• Extremely light and durable
• Lumbar panel at base of spine
• Japanese seat panel, with nylon in the seat area for durability.


Please note: Although the wrist of this model is printed as 3/2mm the thickness of this wetsuit on the Aerodome panel is around 4mm on the chest panel. Whilst we are working on developing a lighter and thinner Aerodome Neoprene the current thickness has been necessary for current production. As a result this results in a slightly tighter fitting on the shoulders when compared to our Retro Full Suit.

Best of all, it's Yamamoto

Yamamoto neoprene is not derived from petrochemicals in anyway, it is from limestone taken from the mountains within Japan in the same way concrete is made.

There is estimated to be enough reserves to last another 3000 years so it is not a limited supply resource.



Our neoprene is as environmentally friendly as possible. Not just in its makeup but mostly in the production technique which is the most damaging aspect of neoprene production.

To find out more of the technical details about Yamamoto Neoprene click here: