Troy Mothershead

Mr Troy Mothershead

Current Other Sponsors:

Stewart Surfboards, Sexwax, Costa Del Mar, Shiseido

If competitive, list top 5 results in career:

  1. 1st Ron Jon Pro – Easter Surf Fest
  2. 1st ASP Australasia Smarts Concrete Agnus Water Classic
  3. 24th Overall ASP WLT 2010
  4. 3x NSSA National Champion
  5. 6x NSSA State Champion

What is your favourite wave and why?

Kirra, AUS – I guess I got lucky. A few years ago I lived in Australia right on North Kirra for 5 months. I was (supposed to be) going to school. For whatever, really great, reason they decided not to pump any sand out of snapper during that winter. A bunch of cyclones hit, they were calling it one of the best winters in 20 years (Kirra partially re-birthed itself) and we had front door access. I have never been so barrelled in my life. Stand up, draining tubes for days. It was . . . amazing.

What other hobbies or activities do you enjoy?

I like to snowboard, and wakeboard, and occasionally skateboard. I am obsessed with Football (gridiron), and heavily enjoy basketball. After breaking my foot, unable to surf for 3 months, I’ve found myself really excited about filming and editing video. I’m a rookie, but pretty jazzed about rock climbing – it’s fairly comparable and complimentary to surfing. I also love playing video games, board games, and card games. Puzzles are enjoyable too. I get super into sewing sometimes, I have a sewing machine – it comes in handy.

Who and what infuluences your life?

My attempt is to allow Jesus to fully take over my life and lead the way. I am human (clearly) and so I often fail. But God is good, his grace is perfect, and my failures are forgiven – and usually helpful stepping stones to a better future. I really enjoy people. We are created in such an interesting and unique fashion. My hope is to approach life in a way that allows anyone and everyone to show me something great.

How do you want to be remembered?

As an interesting dude who loved on people.

What song best describes you?

I dig music – I think it’s a fantastic means of expression and super pleasing to the ears. A song describing me is variable, constantly changing depending on where I’m at in life. Right now, I can’t get over the song (more like a 20 min. masterpiece) by Moonface on the Dreamland EP called “marimba and shit-drums” (that’s a bad word, sorry), but check it out, its mind blowing.

If you had a chance to do anything with your life, what would it be?

Serve the Lord and serve others. Stoke people out, surf every day, travel, make enough money to support a family, and then one day retire to some serious relaxation and word puzzling.

What is it you like about this company (Nineplus)?

Its mission to serve. Its drive through adversity. Its craftsmanship, style, and uniqueness. There is no other wetsuit that remains full smooth skin, and that’s funny because it’s absolutely the best (lighter, warmer, stronger). Nineplus has stayed true to what it was built for, creative surfing. It’s freedom with a purpose. Nineplus has great, awesome people behind it and a rad vision – it’s a blessing to have a role.